Our Standards

Rigorous Natural And Organic Standards

Lets face it, there are “Organic” companies who would sacrifice their standards to make a buck off those who don’t know any better. We’re different. We are not sneaking chemicals into our products. Our products are urea-free and are only made from premium natural and organic ingredients. We do not manufacture synthetic or “crossover” products. Natural & Organic means Completely Natural & Organic and Safe For Use.

We Package All Of Our Products

Some companies are just a name. They send some manufacturer, off in “who knows where”, their packaging materials and the manufacturer makes, packages, and ships their product. Not here. Most of our ingredients come from our composting yards or farms. Anything we do bring in goes through multiple quality checks before we will put it in a bag. In addition to that, we package every product that has one of our trademarked names on it. Soil Mender products do not come from one of ten manufacturers who bid the lowest price. You buy Soil Mender, you get Soil Mender and the quality that name represents. Check the label of the other brands you buy. You’ll be surprised.