Back when gas was around a buck a gallon and it rained more than once a year, Soil Mender Products began as a solution for the abundance of byproducts that were common in the small Texas panhandle communities of Nazareth and Tulia, Texas in 1998….burrs and manure. Three Birkenfeld brothers saw a need and an opportunity, and then put it in a bag! Soil Mender Products, at that time, offered three products – Composted Cotton Burrs, Composted Cattle Manure, and a blend of the two, creating a Compost Blend.

With each year, Soil Mender Products gained a little more momentum and a few more product offerings. Then, again, recognizing a need and an opportunity, Soil Mender Products purchased the trademarked Back to Earth compost line in 2001. Upon this new acquisition, our product catalog, or “guide” back then, grew into a real page turner!

Since then, every new season has been a step forward into expanding our line and expanding our customer base into the now, 60+ products we offer and 10+ states you can find our products in. Soil Mender Products now operates under three product lines: Back to Earth, Yum Yum Mix, and Soil Mender. We, as a company, strive to produce a sought after product that is of the utmost quality. If we wouldn’t use it at our homes, we wouldn’t expect anyone else to, either. Every product has been tested and approved by a panel made up of a variety of experienced, educated, and enthusiastic people.

Soil Mender Products continues to progress and seek out new opportunities every year…or every day, honestly. It is in our nature to grow and to help others do the same!