Keep It Simple

Keep it simple, think about how nature gardens.  You may be building a vegetable garden in the back yard, a flower garden of annuals and perennials, or you may just want the most beautiful lawn in the neighborhood.  Natural and organic is the best way to grow.  The best way to grow must start with the soil.  If you don’t build a strong and natural foundation in your soil you cannot grow a he... Read more

3 Steps To Soil Foundation

Water conservation and reduced chemical usage are high priorities to the green industry, home gardeners, and people in general. Although these issues are approached with many different “sure-to- fix-your-problem” ideas, the surest solution to these concerns is to build a better soil foundation. As in any construction, a good foundation is critical. We need to grow from the ground up. We must b... Read more

Soil Conditioning

Feed the soil that feeds the plant. To be able to construct, raise, or create a stable structure you must first have a solid, supporting base. The same is true for soil and plant life. Beginning with a good soil foundation is key to being able to support growing vegetation. Most soils are lacking in organic matter or in nutrient content, if not both. To add nutrient matter to lawns and gardens,... Read more

Yum Yum Mix

All in the name, Soil Mender’s Yum Yum Mix is the craving your soil has been crumbling for! Specially formulated for nutrient-hungry soils, Yum Yum Mix develops fertile, living soil and a balanced pH creating vibrant, healthy lawns, vegetable gardens, flowers, shrubs, and trees. Yum Yum Mix is composed of a banquet of nutrients that will relieve those relentless hunger pangs in your garden’s s... Read more

Lawn Care

Contrary to popular belief, lawn care is more than a spring and summer project. The more preparation done during the off season months –late winter/early spring – the less of a project it will be during those late spring and summer months. Enjoy your lawn when it is in its peak season and worry less about watering and mowing by getting a head start in its dormant months. Corn gluten meal is... Read more