Soil Mender Topsoil

Soil Mender Topsoil consists of organic materials specifically blended to enhance the condition of your soil, producing healthy and vigorous plants. Contains a mixture of Composted Cotton Burr Fines and Composted Native Topsoil.


Seeding or Sodding

Spread Soil Mender Topsoil over your existing soil at a rate of one to two bags per ten square feet (app. one to two inches deep). Till into soil if possible.

Filling Bare Spots and Low Areas

Remove old grass and one inch of soil from the affected area. Loosen two to three inches of the exposed soil and mix thoroughly with Soil Mender Topsoil.

Building Plant Beds

Till the native soil to a depth equal to the height of your selected bed (ex. till four inches deep if you want a four inch high bed). Mix Soil Mender Topsoil with the native soil to make a 50/50 mix. One bag of Soil Mender Topsoil covers twelve square feet one inch deep.

This is not the product label. Always read and follow the product label before use.

Soil Mender Raised Bed Mix

Raised beds are extremely versatile, very easy to use, and pose many advantages over traditional gardening. Even with the convenience Raised Beds create the soil is the most important part to success. Soil Mender Raised Bed Mix is specially formulated to be an ideal soil to use in raised beds and large containers.
This product is composed of all-natural ingredients – organic topsoil, composted cotton burrs, coir, expanded shale, lava sand, granite sand, basalt, humate, montmorillonite & diatomaceous earth.


Just add Raised Bed Mix to your raised bed or large planting container and plant. It’s that simple.

When planting, we recommend an application of Yum Yum Mix and Soil Mender Wormcastings to get your plants off to a great start.

This is not the product label. Always read and follow the product label before use.

Soil Mender Bonsai Soil

A bonsai is confined to a relatively small quantity of soil throughout the on which its very existence depends. Through the soil in the post, the tree must be able to obtain water, nutrients and gases in order to grow. For this very reason, we have formulated Soil Mender Organic Bonsai Soil. Built on a base of all top quality, finished compost, we have added expanded shale and lava sand as well as other natural mediums for a complete soil.


Step 1
For best results, plan your bonsai planting in detail before beginning the project. Decide what direction your plant will set in the pot and consider future growth.

Step 2
Add a porous material, such as expanded shale, to the bottom of your pot. Typically the first 10% of the pot should be filled with this porous material.

Step 3
Trim your bonsai roots accordingly and place in the middle of the pot.

Step 4
Squeeze and work bag to break up soil. Lay down a thin layer of soil then work bonsai soil in and around the roots being careful not to leave any air pockets. Bonsai soil should be pushed into air pockets, but not packed in.

Step 5
A mound should be made around the center of the plant. Be careful not to get soil level too high. Do not cover initial root flare of the bonsai plant. All feeder roots must be covered with soil.

Step 6
Water soil accordingly based on plant variety. Typically, let the soil dry completely out before watering again. Soil should be replaced annually to ensure healthy and vigorous plants.

This is not the product label. Always read and follow the product label before use.

Soil Mender Potting Mix 109

Soil Mender Potting Mix 109 is a specially formulated organic general-purpose potting soil that is excellent for potting, planting and soil conditioning. When used correctly, the variety and balance of the ingredients used in Soil Mender Potting Mix 109 provide an excellent platform to make your transplanting a little less stressful. Contains coir, perlite, pine bark fines, compost, wormcastings, pecan shell, lava sand, granite sand, basalt sand, rock phosphate, humate, greensand and montmorillonite.


Potting Directions

1. Select a new container at least two sizes larger than the original one. Make sure it has drainage holes. Fill the container partially with Soil Mender Potting Mix 109.
2. To carefully remove the plant from its current container, gently tap the side of the container to loosen the soil. Turn the container on its side and slide the plant out, holding the root ball together.
3. Place the plant into the new container. Fill the remainder of the container with Soil Mender Potting Mix 109, leaving at least one half inch of space between the mix and the lip of the container. Be sure the plant is not planted too deep in the new mix. Water well to settle the soil.

Planting Directions

1. Prepare a hole that is 1/3 larger than the soil ball of the plant. Partially fill the hole with Soil Mender Potting Mix 109 and native soil, so the plant will be level with the ground.
2. If the plant is in a container, carefully remove the plant from the container. Place the plant in the hole and begin filling the rest of the hole with Soil Mender Potting Mix 109 and native soil. Add water around the plant as you fill the hole to prevent air pockets. After the soil settles, add more Soil Mender Potting Mix 109 as needed.

This is not the product label. Always read and follow the product label before use.